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Project and Contractor Oversight 1

If managing a project and overseeing your contractors is not your passion, stay out of it! Let the professionals take care of it or you will most probably end up disappointed, stressed out and your project will suffer.

Savvy owners/investors require contractor oversight to ensure that their project is being managed and constructed as planned. Acting as your Contractor Oversight Manager, Perfect Home Inspections Guam ensures that the contractors’ work is of high quality, in line with time frame, consistent with the requirements of the project-related documents, including the contract, design and schedule. Last, but not least, our reports make sure that the work is completed at a cost that is understood and agreed to in advance of project expenditures.

Our report focuses on your interests, as we provide oversight over the entire project directly for you. A study from 2013 showed that using professional contractor oversight services not only saves money, but avoids or mitigates problems, and produces higher quality results for owners. Let us help you get your project done on time, on budget and with satisfaction!