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Construction-phase Inspections 1

You may wonder why you need an inspection of a new construction home that is supposed to come with warranties and assurance. However, you might be surprised at how many issues can be found by an unbiased outside inspector. Low-quality building material, incorrectly installed roofing or insulation, and open junction boxes are just some of the things that can be missed. One of the most often problems is your builder asking for the next payment, claiming they have finished certain phase. But, did they really?

An independent report gives you honest opinion regarding the process, as well as the quality and installation practices being utilized on your property during the building process. We provide on-site inspections at the most opportune times to evaluate and report on the installation practices for the major systems being installed.

This saves you thousands of dollars by having shoddy work corrected before your builders leave your site. It also can identify many life safety hazards built into your home. We help you keep your builder honest! The Construction-phase Inspections usually have three stages:

The beauty of the using our company is that you do not have to personally fight battles with your contractors. You just show them the report and require them to fix up any identified deficiencies. The best part is – it is not your name at the bottom of that long list. It is your inspector who requires the fixings.

Are you building a property and you’re worried that the builder and the contractors are cutting corners? Or you are adding an annex and want to make sure everything is done properly? Perfect Home Inspections Guam can help with that. Give us a call today!